Composite Door Jamb


LastnFrame™  composite door frame components are a mixture of PVC and wood fiber composite substrate. Maintenance-free smooth white or woodgrain composite offers all the strength and stability of wood, providing a moisture and damage resistant solution engineered to work together with doors and components.


• Twice the holding power of wood
• Will not discolor, absorb moisture, wrap, split or rot
• Resists mold, mildew, fungus, insects, salt and chemicals
• Can be easily nailed and machined


• No sanding or priming required, ready to finish
• Composite jambs are ready to install, no finishing required
• Textured woodgrain composite components complement rich wood appearance
• Composite jambs can be painted or stained to requirements

Warranty    120x45


LastnFrame™ composite door frame components featuring an innovative an innovative alternative to traditional wood frame construction.

Composite technology provides a rot-free solution engineered to work together with

rot-resistant doors and components


Composite Door Frame Kits

• Moisture and insect resistant
• Will not rot, split, twit or warp, maintenance-free
• Stronger than wood jambs
• Can be routed and cut without chip outs
• Can be fastened close edges


• Kerf-applied to fit securely into the top and side jambs
• Flexible, foam-filled material holds its shap over time
• Traditional .650” reach ensures a weather tight seal

Bottom Sweep

• Kerf Applied
• Multiple fins help block moisture infiltration and deflect moisture away from the cap
• Available in Dark Brown Color

Corner Seal Pad

• Wedge shaped adhesive-backed
• Will not wick water. Apply to corner of jamb
• Mate with inswing sills to complement weathersealing performance


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