Door Jambs Describtion

Clear Jambs: Natural wood door frames without joints or knots.

Corner Seal Pad: a small part, usually made of resilient material, used to seal water from getting between the door edge and the jambs, adjacent to the bottom gasket.

Deadbolt: A latch used to secure a door closed, the latch being driven from the door into a receiver in the jamb or frame.

End Seal Pad: A closed-cell foam piece, about 1/16-inch thick, in the shape of a sill profile, fastened between the sill and the jamb to seal the joint.

Frame: In door assemblies, the perimeter members at the top and sides, to which the door is hinged and latched. See jamb.

Head, Head Jamb: The horizontal top frame of a door assembly.

Jamb: A vertical perimeter frame part of a door system.

Kerf: A thin slot cut into a part with a molder or saw blades. Weatherstrip in inserted into kerfs cut into door jambs.

Latch: A moveable, usually spring-loaded pin or bolt, which is part of a lock mechanism, and engages a socket or clip on a door jamb, retaining the door closed.

Prehung: A door assembled in a frame (jamb) with sill, weatherstripping and hinges and ready to be installed into a rough opening.

Strike: A metal part with a hole for a door latch, and a curved face so a spring-loaded latch contacts it when closing. Strikes are fit into mortises in door jambs and screw-fastened.

Boot: A term used for the rubber part at the bottom or top end of an astragal, which seals the end and the door frame or sill.

Boss, Screw Boss: A feature which enables the fastening of a screw. Screw bosses are features of molded plastic lite frames and extruded aluminum door sills.

Box-Framed: A door and sidelite unit that is framed as separate units, with heads and sills separate. Box-framed doors are joined to box-frames sidelites.

Continuous Sill: A sill for a door and sidelite unit that has full width top and bottom frame parts, and internal posts separating sidelites from the door panel.

Cove Molding: A small molded wood lineal piece, usually formed with a scooped face, used to trim and fasten a panel into a frame.

Doorlite: An assembly of frame and glass panel, which when fitted to a door in a formed or cut-out hole, creates a door with a glass opening.

Extension Unit: A framed fixed door panel with a full-sized lite of glass, adjacent to a two-panel patio door, to make the door unit into a three-panel door.

Finger Joint: A way of joining short sections of board stock together, end to end to make longer stock. Door and frame parts are often made using finger-jointed pine stock.

Glazing: The elastic material used to seal glass to a frame.

Hinge: Metal plates with a cylindrical metal pin that fastens to a door edge and door frame to allow the door to swing.

Hinge Stile: The full-length vertical edge of a door, at the side or edge of the door which fastens to its frame with hinges.

Inactive: A term for a door panel fixed in its frame. Inactive door panels are not hinged and are not operable.

Lite: An assembly of glass and a surrounding frame, which is assembled to a door at the factory.

Multiple Extension Unit: In patio door assemblies, a fixed door panel in a separate frame, edge-joined to a patio door unit to add another glass panel to the installation.

Muntins: Thin vertical and horizontal divider bars, which give a doorlite a multi-paned look. They may be part of the lite frames, on the outside of the glass, or between the glass.

Rail: In insulated door panels, the part, made of wood or a composite material, which runs inside the assembly, across the top and bottom edges. In stile and rail doors, horizontal pieces at top and bottom edges, and at intermediate points, which connect and frame between the stiles.

Rough Opening: A structurally-framed opening in a wall which receives a door unit or window.

Screen Track: A feature of a door sill or frame head which provides a housing and runner for rollers, to allow a screen panel to slide from side to side in the door.

Sill: The horizon base of a door frame which functions with the door bottom to seal out air and water.

Slide Bolt: Part of an astragal at the top or bottom, which bolts into frame heads and sills for passive door panels closed.

Transom: A framed glass assembly mounted above a door unit.

Transport Clip: A steel piece used to temporarily fasten a prehung door assembly closed for handling and shipping, which maintains the door panel’s proper position in the frame.

Post time: Dec-03-2020


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