Fiberglass surpasses steel and wood

Revised sentence: “When it comes to weather resistance, fiberglass surpasses steel and wood. Fiberglass doors are highly resistant to moisture absorption, rotting, warping, peeling, and bubbling compared to wood. Additionally, they do not rust like improperly finished or exposed steel doors that undergo oxidation. In terms of energy efficiency, fiberglass doors have a heat and cold resistant core that provides up to four times the insulation value of wood doors. They offer exceptional energy efficiency while wood doors are the least efficient option. As for finishing abilities, fiberglass doors can be stained or painted to achieve various looks. Our classic craft and fiberclassic fiberglass doors feature a real wood appearance and can be stained or painted accordingly. The classic Craft Canvas collection and smooth start doors are designed for long-lasting color retention when painted. Maintenance-wise, fiberglass doors require minimal upkeep with only a top coat reapplication every three to five years if the color fades. On the other hand, wood doors demand regular refinishing every one to two years which involves stripping the finish, sanding the door surface, cleaning up dust particles before applying stain and top coat layers again. In terms of durability in extreme temperatures conditions; unlike wood which may split or crack under such circumstances; fiberglass remains intact without any damage caused by temperature fluctuations. While steel is prone to dents and scratches leading to rusting issues;

Post time: Feb-20-2024


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