When the fire comes, what kind of door can ensure the safety of our lives


1. fire door fire resistance level

Fire doors are divided into A, B, C three levels in China, which is to indicate the fire door fire integrity, that is, fire resistance time, the current standard in China is not less than 1.5 hours of class A fire time, class B not less than 1.0 hours, class C not less than 0.5 hours. Grade A is generally used in more important places, such as KTV booth doors, power distribution room doors. Grade B is used in general places such as aisles, and grade C is generally used in pipe wells.

2.Fireproof door material

Fire doors are usually divided into wooden fire doors, steel fire doors, stainless steel fire doors, fire glass doors and fire doors, regardless of wood, steel or other materials are divided into A, B, C three levels. We use the reality of the practice is that the general indoor with wooden fire doors outdoor with steel fire doors, one is because the indoor with wooden open and close the more quiet will not have the steel door collision sound, two is the steel door placed outside in addition to fire can also better play the role of anti-theft damage.

3.fire door style and open to

The style mentioned here mainly refers to the door shape, single door, double door, mother and child door, etc., we identified in practice is the width within 1 meter into a single fire door, the width of 1.2 meters can do double open or mother and child door shape. Fire doors open to mainly refers to the single door is open to the left or right, especially all fire doors are open to the outside, is not allowed to open inward, the fire door opening direction must be the direction of the evacuation channel.

4.The surface of the wooden fire door

Wooden fire door factory is not like we see on the Internet and this color and that pattern, the normal wood fire door factory is all the original wood color, that is, the original color of the wood. The color we see on the Internet are additionally made according to the needs of the user, can do paint, can paste decorative panels, and so on.


Post time: Nov-21-2023


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