Why Door Jambs Matter

When people look to put a new door into their home, oftentimes they don’t think much beyond the actual door itself. Because most people are already living comfortably in their homes, they are interested in options that will fit their current door frames. If the house is being built, then you have many more options to choose from. Otherwise, you will have to make sure to work with what you currently have installed in your home. However, if you really want a specific door and it doesn’t quite match with your current frame, you may be able to remove the frame and install the entire door to get exactly what you want.

Jambs are an important part of a door. In fact, these are what the door is hung on with its hinges. It can be easy to confuse the different parts of a door frame and whether or not they need to be included when you purchase a door. Door jambs bear the weight of the door; they are the vertical parts of the frame surrounding the door and will fit snugly against the wood when closed. Most door jambs will also include some kind of latch or deadbolt recess so you can securely lock the door when necessary.

Your door jambs need to work perfectly with your door if you want a secure seal and a good lock. It doesn’t matter if you intend to buy an interior door or if you need a door to separate out the interior and the exterior of the house. Because the door jambs are where the door hangs and locks into, they need to be strong. They are important when it comes to the operational durability as well as the overall security of the door.

Many manufacturers will have their doors fashioned in a pre-hung way. This means that they will include the door jambs. There are several different door jambs that you can choose from as well. From kerfed flat jambs to rabbeted jambs to flat jambs, each will have something different to offer you in terms of design and functionality. For example, kerfed flat jambs are excellent for narrower frames and have slots cut into them so the drywall can bead directly into the jamb for a secure and clean opening. They also mean that you can avoid case mouldings if you wish because of the finished look that they provide.

If jambs still make you uncertain, simply talk to the door manufacturer you hope to work with and you will have a clearer idea of which jamb will work best for you and whether or not your new door will require new jambs.

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Post time: Jan-16-2022


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